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PPC Tips for Capturing Upper Funnel Holiday Gift Searches

Posted by Holly Pauzer on November 15, 2016

Forty percent of shopping related searches are focused on broad queries like “women’s athletic clothing” or “living room furniture.” As holiday shoppers search for gifts for themselves and others, we see a spike in the number of upper-funnel searches like these. Research oriented searches like “best toys for boys” and “holiday party dress trends for 2016” are good for advertisers who are hoping to get their brand in front of potential customers who may be comparison shopping. And while these upper-funnel terms tend to come at a higher price, the value they deliver in brand awareness and lower-funnel conversions are worth the additional spend and effort early on.

Making the Right Investment
Considering 14% of Americans had already started holiday shopping by mid-September, advertisers should be steadily increasing spend on upper funnel queries in the run up to Thanksgiving. This will ensure that your brand is on shoppers’ radars for relevant queries when they are ready to make a purchase.

Increasing Brand Awareness
Google Showcase Shopping Ads are great at capturing upper-funnel queries. They are designed to help you engage shoppers during the initial research phase, bringing your brand into the consideration set early on. The ad type is ideal for holiday related queries such as “best sellers” and “holiday gift trends” as they allow brands to display a collection of products within a single category.


Next, take advantage of “Flyers” in Bing Shopping for searches related to important holiday sales such as “Black Friday deals” and “Cyber Monday flyers.” These ads provide greater traffic volume and are displayed prominently for these type of searches.

A Look at Holiday Landing Pages
Landing pages should also be aligned with the intent of the shopper. Make sure that you have built custom landing pages for the most relevant upper-funnel holiday related searches for your brand. These pages should provide a range of products related to the search query with simple filtering and sorting options. Also consider the type of categories so they can be prominently displayed for easy navigation.


Here is an example of a landing page for a search on “best sports gifts for boys.” It displays a wide range of products related to the topic and has easy-to-use navigation.

Creating Campaigns for Specific Holiday Terms
Finally, it’s best to create campaigns specific to upper funnel searches related to your particular business. For example, if you sell products or services that are used more frequently during the holidays, such as formal apparel, personalized gifts, or holiday home décor, you’ll want to create campaigns like “look your best for the holidays,” “gift ideas for in-laws,” and “getting your home holiday ready” in order to tailor your campaigns and spend to these searchers.

How important are top-of-funnel searches to your business? Do you have any additional tips that you’d like to share? Tell us here!


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