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Mobile Sales Increase 188% Over the Holidays

Posted by Andrea McFarling on January 18, 2016

Going into the holiday season, we all knew that mobile would have a big impact on digital performance—we just didn’t know how big. From Thanksgiving through Christmas, mobile traffic increased a healthy 86% over 2014. This means that more people turned to their smartphones to shop for gifts. And they weren’t just browsing—mobile sales increased 188% and conversion rates 33% YoY. The work that retailers did (and are still doing!) to improve the mobile shopping experience is paying off. We’re seeing more and more consumers leverage devices to quickly research and buy products in brief micro-moments in their day.

With mobile paid search traffic equal to (or greater than) desktop, you must ask yourself, “are we investing enough in mobile ads?” The answer isn’t always black and white. Because many mobile searches often result in purchases on other channels and devices, understanding the full value of your mobile spend can be difficult, but not impossible. Google’s Estimated Total Conversions continues to strengthen, allowing you to measure transactions that started on one device or browser that were completed on another. Google’s In-Store Estimates tracks digital’s influence on store sales by estimating the number of people who visited a store up to 30 days after they clicked a search ad. By better understanding your mobile ROI, you can build a case for adjusting your budget that could pay off big in 2016.

So how did your mobile ads perform over the holidays? Tell us what worked—or didn’t work—for you. We’d love to hear!

holiday_discoveries_cover_2015Also, if you’re looking for more mobile performance data, make sure to grab a copy of the Holiday Discoveries Report. Inside you'll find more data around tablet and desktop performance, and an in-depth look at Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday results.

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