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How to Optimize Product Titles in Your Google Shopping Feed

Posted by Holly Pauzer on August 25, 2016

Without an optimized product feed, retailers waste precious ad spend and miss countless opportunities to convert shoppers. Because Google is essentially using the attributes of your product feed as a proxy for keywords, optimizing your product titles, along with other product feed fields, is a crucial part of improving PLA performance.

When optimizing your product feed, one of the most important fields to focus on is the product title attribute. It’s an area that’s often overlooked by retailers. Below is an example of a product title we commonly see.

Colored Trim Tee

While “Colored Trim Tee” is the title of the product for the retailer, this title lacks brand name, gender, retailer name, and product descriptors. Without detailed information in the product title the number of queries it can match to will be limited.  This particular item was a poor performer online despite its popularity in-store for the retailer. By optimizing the feed, the product title was transformed.

Dolce & Gabbana Color Printed Trim Tee at Retailer Name – Women’s Short-Sleeve Tee Shirts – Women’s Shirts

Naturally these more robust product titles capture significantly more traffic and that traffic is more efficient over time, reducing wasted ad spend.

Rose Gold Necklace PLA

Best practices to consider when optimizing product titles:

  • Ensure that the most important words in your title are included at the front
  • Utilize top queries from PLA and search at the front of your titles to maximize traffic such as using “Record Player” instead of “Turntable” or vice versa
  • Include the items full title such as “Levis 501 tumbled rigid wash jeans”
  • Include the brand name
  • Include the size of the item
  • Include the color of the item
  • Include the gender if applicable
  • Include the retailer name
  • Include the item type, such as jeans or boots or dress
  • Include any product descriptors which may be applicable, such as skinny, ankle, or boot cut for jeans

You may be wondering if this additional work to fully optimize your product titles is worth the effort. Based on our experience, we see an immediate lift in CTR, impressions, and revenue just by making basic product title improvements to a retailers feed. For one retailer revenue and traffic increased overnight and within three weeks, revenue had already increased 2.5x and traffic increased by 3x!

Stay tuned for more posts on this topic and check out our paper 14 Ways To Optimize Your Product Feed Like A Pro for expert tips you can use to optimize your product feed!

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