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Google Analytics 360 Suite Aims to Help Digital Marketers Solve Today’s Big Data Challenges

Posted by Andrea McFarling on March 18, 2016

Today’s consumers are undoubtedly digital. They operate in micro-moments, with research for products and services now happening at red lights or while in line waiting for a cup of coffee. They look for the path of least resistance that will help them find exactly what they want at the exact moment they need it.

They also operate across multiple devices and move seamlessly from digital to storefronts, leaving a trail of data as they progress along their path to purchase. Brands are capturing and storing all of this information, but to date, they’ve had a difficult time both accessing the data and making sense of it. To better deliver on customer expectations, marketers need a holistic view of the customer journey, but they lack the technology that can deliver this.

In recent months this has been an area of increasing concern expressed by retailers as they scramble to use first party data for paid search optimization, such as within Google’s Customer Match, also recently released. Thus making Google’s launch of their Analytics 360 Suite this week very timely and well positioned to assist digital marketers with these newer data driven initiatives.

Google’s Analytics 360 Suite consists of six products designed to help large brands better unify and syndicate marketing and advertising data across all channels. The end result being that brands will have faster and easier access to customer, performance, and third-party data, facilitating the creation of more personalized and relevant ads. While data management platforms (DMP) are hardly new, big players include Adobe and Oracle, however, Google’s platform will be ideally positioned to assist paid search marketers as it should integrate seamlessly with AdWords and DoubleClick. We are excited about the news and while Analytics 360 is currently only available for Google Premium clients, perhaps this will roll out to a wider client base down the line. Read more about this topic and its impact on consumers in our article on Venture Beat here!

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