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Get Your Product Feed into Shape with these 14 Expert Tips

Posted by Trey Porter on May 9, 2016

Product feed management and optimization is often listed as a huge challenge for brands, especially those with a large number of SKUs, high inventory turnover, frequent price and promotion changes, and more. However, an optimized product feed is the foundation of a successful PLA program. You simply cannot have one without the other.Optimize Product Feed

We asked our in-house PLA experts for their insider tips on feed optimization and then we compiled them in our latest guide titled 14 Ways to Optimize Your Product Feed Like a Pro.  These tips will help to ensure that your PLAs are shown for relevant queries, minimize issues and warnings and get your product feed into top form. Read on for the first three tips.

1.) Promote top PPC products via PLAs

Search and PLA work best hand in hand, so ensure that the top products sold in search are also being sufficiently promoted via PLAs.
Pro tip: Fill in any gaps found between these two ad types. You can use the top product report to see which products sell the most on each.

2.) Use top queries at the front of your titles

Utilize top queries from PLA and search at the front of your titles to maximize traffic. This helps match intent when original titles may be too exact or unusual. Ensure important product descriptors such as brand and size, etc. are included.

Pro tip: It’s helpful to include specific details from your search queries in your titles and descriptions especially for clothing retailers.

3.) Include as much information as possible in descriptions

Take advantage of the 5,000-character limit on descriptions. Include at least as much information as the landing page description, but make sure there is no promotional text or code. For example: Solid red, queen-sized bed sheets made from 100% woven polyester, 300 thread count fabric. Set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases. Machine washable; extra deep fitted pockets.

Click here to read tips #4-#14, and download your copy of the report.

Are there any product feed optimization challenges or questions that you have encountered? Let our PLA experts know below!

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