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Creating Search Audiences: Live Broadcast with Google & Adlucent

Posted by Laura Russell on March 24, 2016

As marketers, we’ve been creating audiences for our catalog, direct mail, email, and social promotions for years. Thanks to Google’s new Customer Match solution, we can now execute audience-level advertising in paid search. Because this is such a new offering, Google is hosting a live broadcast with their product team so that advertisers can learn how to best setup, run and measure their search audience ads.

Adlucent will also participate in the live broadcast to share examples of how our clients are using customer, transactional and third party data to create custom audiences for search. And you’re not just limited to paid search, these audiences can be used for display, social, and other media campaigns.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how Search Audience can help you achieve your performance goals. Register for the live Hangout on Air here.

Winning with Search Audience

  • When: Monday, March 28th, 11am-12pm PT / 1pm CT / 2 - 3pm EST
  • Registration: here
  • Details: link to the HOA will be sent to registrants prior to the event


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