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Cans and Costumes: Keeping Adlucent Weird

Posted by Andrea McFarling on November 18, 2016

This week we held our annual “Show Us Your Cans!” Thanksgiving canned food drive, an event that involves both charity and competition. A few weeks ago, five Adlucites were peer nominated and selected to compete for the honor (or horror, depending on how you look at it) of wearing a giant turkey costume. Employees vote for who they want to wear the costume by adding a can of food in front of the nominee's photo which is displayed in our lobby. The Adlucite with the most cans in front of their picture at the end of the week is deemed the “winner” and they agree to wear a giant turkey costume to work the next day.


This year our five nominees included our Culture Specialist (Christine), Culture Generalist (Paige), Director of Culture (Kathy)…are you seeing a theme here?...as well as a Sales Director (Grant), and an Account Manager (Daniel). The contest ended at 1PM on Thursday, with the bulk of the cans coming in an hour before the deadline. While the race was neck-and-neck (pun intended) for the majority of the competition, Christine won in the final hour with 1,045 of the 2,126 cans appearing in front of her photo. Her charity, Austin Family Institute, will receive a $500 donation while she dons the turkey costume today. The Capital Area Food Bank will receive the food that will be distributed to local families in need.



While we love a little friendly competition, we love to serve others in our community even more. “Connect through caring” is a guiding ambition at Adlucent and it’s evident in everything we do.

We would like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving next week. We’re so appreciative of our community, our team and our clients!

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