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Adlucent Improves Woodcraft’s Search Performance with a Two-Part Strategy

Posted by Holly Pauzer on June 21, 2016

Woodcraft, one of the nation’s oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies, was hoping to grow their digital revenue and they knew paid search was the best way to do it. Like many other niche retailers, they needed an agency that would take the time to truly learn their business and act as an extension of their team, which is why Adlucent was selected for the job. Adlucent was quickly able to improve account performance with a two-part strategy.

1. Account management

Woodcraft was assigned a team that’s completely dedicated to their account. By removing distractions caused by managing multiple accounts, this gave Woodcraft’s account team the time they need to truly understand the way their business operates, the products they sell and their performance needs. It also helped them focus on developing new account strategies to achieve Woodcraft’s unique goals. It’s because of this personal attention that Adlucent is able to make dramatic improvements to accounts inherited from larger agencies.

2. Paid search strategy

After the two businesses were aligned, we began to work on the mechanics of the account. We started by changing Woodcraft’s account to a more granular structure for both PLAs and search. This meant we could create higher performing ads that were more relevant to Woodcrafts business. We also introduced all applicable ad extensions and incorporated historical data to create a consistent and strategic bid management system.

By also breaking queries down into individual groups, we were able to make more relevant ad copy and ensure that we were precisely targeting both low and high performing queries. We also implemented our PLA best practices such as adding title optimizations, improving categorization and funneling PLA queries to their best performing products.

With an improved search strategy in place, we saw an immediate impact on KPIs. Within the first six weeks of taking over the account, Woodcraft’s click through rate increased 76%, average position went from 3.5 to 1.3, and cost per click decreased 40%. The team at Woodcraft is thrilled with the results.

Woodcraft Quote

To read more about our work with Woodcraft, please read the full case study here.

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