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Innovative Uses of Data in Paid Search: Highlights from the Adlucent Client Summit Part 1

Posted by Holly Pauzer on March 25, 2015

This year’s Adlucent Client Summit focused a lot on our innovative solutions and differentiated approaches to paid search. Topics ranged from our CRM capabilities, flexibility of our tools, deep expertise in our field, to our unique dedicated approach to each client, which enables us to grow accounts year-over-year. This blog will be broken down into 3 parts: Data, Technology, and Expertise. Today we kick this series off with Data at Adlucent.

From search, browsing, and purchase history, to reviews and social sharing, retailers now have access to a huge amount of consumer data. In this blog we will recap our session on how Adlucent leverages both retailer-supplied and third-party data to improve business performance through paid search.

We love data here at Adlucent and use a lot of it. We incorporate and act on more data and more diverse sets of data than our peers, which enables breakthrough performance gains by targeting the most valuable customers based on their intent. That’s why we are constantly adding more data to analyze, and leading the pack in terms of innovating uses of new data sets. With the rise of big data, most companies are faced with using large and diverse amounts of information for competitive advantage.

lady omni channelWe leverage both retailer-supplied and third-party data to improve business performance by incorporating them into our bid management. For example, we are able to determine which products sell the most for brand terms, or which categories produce the most new customers, or analyze multiple marketing channels to discover additional opportunities to push more volume.

All third party platforms will show keyword, ad group, campaign, and overall account performance for a retail client. However, retailers need to see performance reported by category, brand, sub-category, landing page, season, promotion, etc. to effectively run their business. Adlucent unlocks this data to enable our Account Managers and our clients to see meta-patterns and act more accurately and quickly. The result is that marketing performance increases and our account teams are empowered to make strategic “Better Retailing” recommendations to our clients.

Our proprietary technology Deep Search, which we will discuss in more detail in our next blog on Technology, has the ability to record all online orders. This enables us to gain product insights across all channels. We can easily isolate those products to either build out keyword coverage or improve visibility. Analyzing sales in various marketing channels, directly from Deep Search, enables us to find additional advertising opportunities in real-time.

A concrete example is utilizing weather pattern data to use in bid management for our more seasonal clients, such as a leading retailer of gardening supplies.

You would be surprised at how many retailers are directly impacted by real-time events like shifts in weather patterns without realizing the impact or understanding how to leverage this data to improve advertising outcomes. Long, cold, snowy winters lead to record sales for outdoor boot and gear retailers, while restaurant equipment sales dropped as fewer consumers ventured out to dinner.

Is your agency incorporating unique sets of data, like weather data, into your bid management strategy yet? This is just one example of the many innovative ways we are using new data sets to better target customers, and drive greater year-over-year growth for our clients.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Technology at Adlucent…

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