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The 5th Annual Adlucent Client Summit

Posted by Adlucent Admin on December 16, 2015

At the beginning of every year, some of the retail industry’s savviest players converge in Austin, Texas—a hub of tech innovation. No, I’m not talking about SXSW. I’m talking about the Adlucent Client Summit. This annual summit, now on its 5th year, is by invitation only and complimentary for all our clients, bringing some of the best retailers together for three days to share ideas and learn from each other.

Why It’s Important

So what goes on during a typical Adlucent Client Summit? The truth is, there’s no such thing as ‘typical’ when it comes to our summit, just as there’s nothing ‘typical’ about our agency. Online marketing and its technologies are always changing and improving, and it can be a challenge for retailers to keep up. That’s why we present the latest developments in the retail industry and demonstrate how retailers can take advantage of them. We also provide attendees with a look at the latest technologies and initiatives that we are working on at Adlucent, before they are released. Additionally, technology leaders like Google and Yahoo are invited to give a sneak peek at their latest projects and betas, allowing retailers to plan ahead and utilize these upcoming opportunities to get ahead of the competition.

The summit also allows us to continue building relationships with our clients by providing face-to-face interaction with their dedicated account teams. We continue to instill best practices, and gain feedback from clients, in order to continuously improve our services and products. After all, our success is directly correlated to the success of our clients. Roundtable panels allow retailers to share ideas and learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

The Adlucent Client Summit isn’t just about work and learning, it’s also an opportunity for retailers to network and have fun! With cocktail hours, off-site outings, and a Google-sponsored party in downtown Austin, there’s always an opportunity to kick back, have fun, and enjoy good company.

Whole Foods Cooking Class

While taking a break from the 2015 sessions, attendees learn how to cook at the Whole Foods headquarters

Previous Summits

What makes the Summit different is the unique mix of speakers, activities and attendees. Previous keynotes include Bryan Eisenberg, Charlie Stryker and Fiona Swerdlow who are all recognized authorities and pioneers in online marketing and retail. Some of our off-site activities have included a Hill Country winery tour, a tour of downtown and beautiful Lake Austin, backstage access to Austin’s Moody Theater—home of the show Austin City Limits, cooking school at the Whole Foods headquarters, and TopGolf.

The attendee list includes a mix of well-known retailers and partners like Google, Yahoo, Wasserstrom, Team Express, Bon-Ton, Bluefly, Andra Group, Rocky Brands, Steelcase, Woodcraft, and so many more. How could you not want to be in such great company?

2016 5th Annual Client Summit

Luckily you won’t have to wait long for our next summit as the 2016 annual Client Summit will be held on February 15-17th. With all of the recent advancements in online advertising, retailers now have the ability to truly optimize advertising to cater to their unique customers. No one buyer is the same, and matching the right product and ad to the right consumer isn’t just optimal, but expected. It’s time to humanize advertising. And that’s what this year’s Client Summit will center around. We’ll touch on various ways to help reach this goal, from omnichannel strategies and customer-based advertising, to social media and other new solutions. Michael Griffin, Adlucent’s CEO, will be speaking to kick off the summit. We’ll have speakers from Google, Facebook, and more, as well as an off-site tour of Austin capped off with an Alamo Drafthouse Master Pancake comedy show. Stay tuned for more updates on the Adlucent Client Summit website.

Austin Duck Adventures

Attendees enjoying a cruise down Lake Austin on the amphibious “Austin Duck Adventures”

The Adlucent Client Summit is by invitation only, however if you’re interested to see what Adlucent has to offer for your online retail needs, please reach out to our client team at solutions@adlucent.com.

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