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3 Ways to Get Your Mobile Ads Holiday Ready

Posted by Holly Pauzer on October 19, 2015

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to get your mobile ads holiday ready!

Over half (56%) of traffic and 26% of sales will come from mobile devices this holiday season1. In addition, the majority of US in-store sales will be digitally influenced. Just last year, mobile influenced 28% of in-store sales, translating to approximately $1 trillion in sales2—and that number is projected to be even greater in 2015.

Consumer behavior on mobile devices is driven by short-lived interactions, also known as micro-moments. These micro-moments give Retailers an average of 70.8 seconds (the average micro-moment) to capture the attention, inform and ideally convert a mobile shopper online or in a store.

Michael Griffin, CEO of Adlucent, recently gave a presentation at Shop.org on three ways advertisers can capitalize on these fragmented mobile sessions to drive more sales from mobile this holiday season. We packaged these key learnings into a practical how-to guide that’s free to download.


Read the full report to learn:

  1. How to use mobile-specific ad text to increase mobile conversions
  2. Eight tips for using digital ads to drive traffic to stores throughout the holidays
  3. How to measure the influence your mobile ads have on store sales

Download our report here to get started on “3 Ways to Get Your Mobile Ads Holiday Ready”.

1IBM, Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report, 2015
2Deloitte, Navigating the New Digital Divide, 2015


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