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The Adlucent Symbiosis: Origins and DNA

Posted by Adlucent Admin on November 21, 2013

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing a series of posts on the history of Adlucent technology and services, how the two interact to propel the business forward, and how this symbiosis has led to the development of cutting edge SaaS technology that is now available to retailers.

Origins and DNA

Adlucent was born at the dawn of Internet commerce. Amazon still sold mostly books. Google was just a search engine. Ever since these humble beginnings, the services and technology Adlucent developed to help online retailers succeed have been intertwined like the double helix of a DNA molecule. This relationship defines the company. It is central to all aspects of our business and gives us an advantage unmatched in online marketing. This is the first in a series of three blog posts that will detail the fundamental relationship between products and services – which I refer to as a “symbiosis” – and how their collaboration strengthens our organization.

Adlucent first developed a services capability, and in the process pioneered a number of advanced campaign management strategies to optimize performance. However, effectively managing a paid search campaign at scale ultimately requires the use of technology to facilitate the myriad complex activities involved. The software solutions available at that time did not adequately support the ambitious techniques our founders had devised. They decided to develop the technology they needed with their internal team of search experts and in-house development support.

The resulting product was Deep Search™, a software platform tailored specifically to the needs of Adlucent’s paid search marketing professionals. This technology was developed through a highly iterative process, wherein the day-to-day experience of the account team directly informed what functionality would be next made available, often in mere days or hours. This philosophy of producing “software-by-the-day” became integral to the success of the services organization, as it allowed the team to rapidly shape Deep Search to their needs.

From this point on, services and technology became inextricably linked, feeding off one another to make themselves better quickly. We’ll explore the nature of this relationship in greater depth in the next post, Nature.

If you’d like to learn more about Adlucent’s services or technology solutions, please contact solutions@adlucent.com.

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