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The Adlucent Symbiosis: Nature

Posted by Adlucent Admin on December 2, 2013

In my previous post, Origins and DNA, we explored the history of Adlucent's technology and services functions and how they have become a part of our DNA. Now we'll look at how the two work together to form a collaborative environment that leads to innovation.


The relationship between Adlucent’s products and services is encoded in our DNA. It is a cultural symbiosis, where both sides share in the gains produced by their collaboration. This bond is integral to Adlucent’s identity – and essential to its ability to deliver both exceptional service and innovative technology.

At the heart of this symbiosis is the rapid communication between Adlucent’s products and services organizations. The two routinely work together on pilot and experiments, and maintain a constant dialog about their efforts. This close cooperation would be impossible if the departments were separate or did not have a stake in each other’s success. But here at Adlucent the rewards of this combined approach are evident throughout the company.

The effect is two-fold. The services organization informs product development. As account teams test novel campaign management and optimization strategies, they provide real-time feedback to the products department about their methods. Innovative practices are quickly integrated into the product, improving its utility and usability. In turn, these enhancements enable the services organization to achieve superior results for clients. The technology amplifies their ability to perform complex tasks at scale. This increased leverage allows the team to explore nascent ad formats or investigate more advanced techniques. The services team closes the loop by sharing their results with products.

A prime example of the benefits of this symbiotic relationship emerged as we were first testing targeting strategies for Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs). It was hypothesized that SKU-level product targeting would be the optimal strategy. We thought increased granularity would provide greater control while still covering the full range of eligible products. However, the services team soon found that PLA campaigns gained more traction by using an array of different target types (brand, category, and so on), rather than just SKU-specific targets. Certain queries, such as head terms, match more readily to targets at higher levels than the individual SKU. Based on this discovery, our product – BuyerPath™ for Product Ads – was designed to give users maximum control over query matching. Its intent management capabilities enable users to funnel queries to the right products to increase coverage and optimize relevance.

Learn more about BuyerPath for Product Ads here.

Perhaps most important, the symbiosis is an iterative process. Because Adlucent’s products and service solutions are integrated, they can work together quickly in a collaborative environment that fosters innovation. Absent organizational barriers, iterative cycles are compressed and improvements happen faster. All proposed solutions are vetted thoroughly to meet our rigorous internal standards before being released. This ensures that we deliver only the most innovative and highest quality solutions to our clients.

While the Adlucent symbiosis began internally to support the services business, as the products business expands beyond our walls, we expect the symbiosis to grow into something even more special. We’ll discuss this exciting process in the final part of the series, Evolution.

If you’d like to learn more about Adlucent’s services or technology solutions, please contact solutions@adlucent.com.


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