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The Adlucent Symbiosis: Evolution

Posted by Adlucent Admin on December 9, 2013

In my first two posts, Origins and Nature, along with Nurture, we took a look at how products and services are not only a part of the Adlucent DNA, they also help us innovate. In my final post, Evolution, we'll take a look at how Adlucent has evolved to make its technology available externally to retail teams― who then become a part of the Symbiosis.


After years powering the internal Services team, Adlucent’s technology was recently made available commercially for the first time. BuyerPath™ for Product Ads combines campaign management* and feed optimization in a unified shopping analytics platform. This unique intersection of functionality is the direct result of Adlucent’s collaborative internal dynamic – the application draws heavily from our Services team’s rich advertising experience. But the addition of external advertisers to BuyerPath™’s user base heralds an exciting new era for the Adlucent symbiosis.

Throughout its history, Adlucent has managed paid search accounts for a wide variety of retailers – large and small, enterprise and pureplay, in nearly every vertical imaginable. The launch of the BuyerPath™ application, however, now allows us to expand and deepen the audience we access quicker than ever before. Coupled with the close relationship we seek to cultivate with all our clients – both service and SaaS – this will amplify the feedback available to iterate on the technology. More users equal more unique problems and more innovative ways to solve them.

We look forward to more advertisers joining our symbiosis; each has a valuable perspective to contribute and will help to evolve the process and strengthen the software. As always, our internal Services team will continue to learn and grow, providing a reciprocal group for experimentation and exploration.

So, if you’re already a BuyerPath™ customer, welcome to the Adlucent Symbiosis! I look forward to working with you to create the most powerful paid search platform in the world. If you’re not yet a part of the Adlucent family, there’s always plenty of room.

To find out more, please contact solutions@adlucent.com.

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