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How does timing affect Product Listing Ad performance?

Posted by Adlucent Admin on June 24, 2013

They say life is about timing, and the same is true for Product Listing Ads. In order to serve the most relevant ad, a marketer must understand where a shopper is located within the buying cycle, and then promote a product that will provide the greatest opportunity for a conversion.

Let’s take a look at a set of PLAs that appeared when I searched for the term “apple iphone.” As you can see, the results show several versions of the phone, as well as an accessory. Which ad or ads don’t belong?

Apple iPhone1

Apple iPhone is a very broad query and the PLA results in the example above reflect that. In my opinion, the accessory should be the first ad to go. Also, the iPhone 3GS that’s offered at the highest price point by Walmart should also be negated.

Promoting a product that is three generations old may not deliver the results that you’re hoping for. Take a look at your products and note where each one is in relation to its product lifecycle. Start by promoting the most relevant ones. In the event you need to liquidate excess inventory, you may consider using PLAs to do so.

So how do you funnel traffic to the best target? Retailers have three options:

  1. Adjust bids
  2. Negate poorly performing queries
  3. Don’t promote certain products at all

I recommend retailers use all three with an emphasis on negating poor performing queries.

Do you advertise products with a short lifecycle? How do you manage PLAs for them?

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