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How Adlucent’s New Benefits Help Employees Achieve a More Balanced Life

Posted by Adlucent Admin on November 14, 2013

When does a job turn into a grind? Where does tenacity give way to negativity and burnout? You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you know it when you’re there. It’s the morning where every task suddenly seems insurmountable. The thought of another thing on your plate sounds like the one that just might make you snap.

It really doesn’t matter what your day-to-day consists of; the fact is we all need some time and space away from work in order to maintain our level of productivity. After all, a clear head results in better work ethic, so  as an organization, why not do everything you can to keep your employees healthy – both physically and mentally? That’s the philosophy behind Adlucent’s latest employee benefits rollout, aptly titled “The Balanced Life Program.” With such a lofty title to live up to, what does this program entail? It’s two-fold.

The first part is designed around the notion that, with an empowered workforce, excellence can be achieved and maintained without a formal hourly structure in place. Replacing the distinction of “sick days” and “vacation days” are Adlucent’s “Balance Days,” and employees can take as many as they need. But the leadership team responsible for this redesign didn’t stop there.

Research shows that “unlimited vacation” tends to function interchangeably with “no vacation” in many companies who implement it, as it tends to result in employees actually taking less time off every year. The philosophy seems to backfire as employees find it difficult to give themselves permission to truly unplug and recharge. That’s why Adlucent’s program is supplemented with a $1,000 “Getaway Grant” for any employee who takes five consecutive days off from work.

Sounds crazy, right? Not according to Adlucent’s Head Coach of People and Culture, Brian Vogel, who cites a statistical 25% bump in productivity in employees who take a real vacation. Because Adlucent’s leadership sees the benefits of a healthy work-life balance, they are happy to put their trust in their team to make the right choices in order to strike that unique balance.

The second part of the program is called the “New Parent Leave and Support Program,” and it introduces a progressive new spin on what most Americans have grown accustomed to when discussing maternity leave. While many companies offer, if anything, paid leave based on the salary of the employee and possibly their tenure, Adlucent levels the playing field by offering a $10,000 bonus to all new parents – adoptive or birthing, mother or father. “We want to celebrate and invest in our team members. Giving them support and freedom to focus on the health of their families is a priority,” says CEO Michael Griffin on behalf of the initiative, reinforcing the idea that a happy and healthy employee is a loyal and productive employee.

Because when you get right down to it, is it really about hours spent at work? Or is it about empowering employees to squeeze the most creativity and productivity out of those hours? Adlucent is investing in the happiness of its workforce on an individual basis because, as the Coach explains, “in the end, it is truly all about the people.”

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