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Adlucites Give Back: Spring Blood Drive 2013

Posted by Meghan Malone on July 9, 2013

June 14th, 2013 was one of the bloodiest days in Adlucent history. Yep, our Adlucites shed some blood for a great cause – World Blood Donor Day. This was a great chance for us to exercise a couple of our Guiding Ambitions – To Be a Positive Force and To Connect Through Caring. And in true Adlucent style we went all out on the fun factor.

The Out for Blood Committee, a volunteer group of Adlucites with a taste for philanthropy, was responsible for organizing and executing the event. Committee members did everything from planning festivities and scheduling donor appointments, to drawing blood!

...On posters. With markers.


The team threw a poster-making party and plastered the office walls with blood donation statistics, progress thermometers comparing results against our last blood drive, and quotes from fellow employees on why they choose to donate.

And as always, we couldn’t forget to decorate the outside of the building, taking advantage of our vintage movie theater marquee to advertise the

event to thousands of commuters who pass by each day. The south side of the marquee read, “Happy World Blood Donor Day – June 14th” while the north side paid homage to our building’s history, reading, “There Will Be Blood.” We’d be lying if we said that no one stopped in to ask for the show times.

The Out for Blood soldiers made sure the day of the drive kicked off right away with both festivities and nourishment. Each donor was greeted upon arrival with a care package at his or her desk marked with a red balloon. Care packages contained snacks high in iron and protein as well as red Gatorade, vampire fangs, a syringe pen, and a collectible participation magnet printed with this drive’s theme: I Shop From The Bloodmobile. Those who participated now boast two of these collectible "badge" magnets to commemorate the event.

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But it wasn't just the donors who got in on the fun! The whole company was invited to a delicious spread of breakfast tacos and a virgin drinks bar offering Blood Orange Mimosas, Sangria, and Bloody Marys. (Get it?)

In the afternoon we wanted to revive our donors and celebrate the day, so we set up a make-your-own sundae and float bar to make sure everyone was sufficiently sugared up.


This event was just another way we at Adlucent do our best to give back to the community whenever possible. We donated 20 pints of life-saving blood while celebrating our culture of fun and caring. A special thanks goes to our Out For Blood Committee members and all our generous blood donors!

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