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Technical vision: The role of a CTO in a successful start-up

Posted by Andrea McFarling on April 11, 2012

What are the primary responsibilities of the Chief Technology Officer in a growing company? In some organizations this role is limited to infrastructure management, whereas in others the CTO is responsible for operations management, requiring both a business and technical skill set. Finally there’s the technical visionary, the person tasked with following market trends and directing future technology investments.

So what are the traits of a successful CTO?

At Adlucent, we believe key success factors include:

  • Driving the company mission

The CTO must drive the organization’s mission and align with corporate values.

  • Collaborative leadership

A CTO must understand how their work impacts other lines of the business from finance to account management and marketing.

  • Communication

Successful CTO’s communicate the vision of the organization to the outside world. He/she also communicates technological change internally, taking the time to explain how new technology works and the impact it has on the various teams and stakeholders.

At Adlucent, we are fortunate to have a CTO (and founder) who serves as the technical visionary for the company, enabling us to live up to our promise of being better every day. Both our internal team and external clients benefit from his extensive search expertise. In fact, as we released our I15 release – "the self-styled crime fighter" – of our Deep Search™ analytics platform on Friday, Michael took the time to demo the product release to the entire company, sharing best practices and answering questions along the way. The account management team learned how the new features will improve the efficiency of their accounts, marketing learned ways to position the product in the marketplace and the development team was able to showcase their hard work. These points of collaboration are important to the success of Adlucent, and it’s a great model for other like-minded organizations to follow.

You can follow Adlucent CTO Michael Griffin on Twitter: @migriffin

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