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A Culture of Success: Adlucent Named to Advertising Age’s Best Places to Work

Posted by Andrea McFarling on March 26, 2012

We’re ecstatic to announce that we have been awarded “Best Places to Work” by Advertising Age.  This award serves as recognition of the organization we have built that enables employees (Adlucites) to take ownership of their work, connect with their peers and managers, and have a direct impact on the overall success of the business.

At Adlucent, we believe a critical factor in our success is our culture. It’s an element of business that is often overlooked. In fact, at the London Web Summit last week, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey outlined seven reasons start up’s fail. Number five: ignoring company culture.

There has been no shortage of cultural missteps in recent years. There’s Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who famously jumped down the plane’s emergency chute after becoming frustrated with his work environment. Most recently there was Greg Smith, who quit his job by blasting Goldman Sachs’ culture and identity through an article in the New York Times.

On the other hand there are companies like Zappo’s, Southwest Airlines and Google — passionate, authentic, and successful brands with deep company cultures that have been the key to their success. As Zappos CEO Tony Hseih said, "what distinguished us from our competitors was that we'd put our company culture above all else.”

At Adlucent, we consider culture so important that we recently named our co-founder, Nicholas Herman, Chief of Culture so he can focus his talents and energy on building an environment where employees feel motivated, challenged, and connected to our mission and brand. “My team will measure the success of our mission in five cultural areas; solidarity, engagement, progress, perception, and atmosphere. Continuous assessment and proactive project management in these areas will ensure that the company’s culture grows in a positive direction no matter how fast the company is scaling,” Herman said.

Every company should consider these three factors when building a culture of success:

  1. Hire the best.
    Recruit the brightest and do a cultural assessment to ensure alignment with your corporate values.
  2. Create a positive environment.
    Create a workplace that celebrates diversity, encourages openness and enables collaboration.
  3. Enable career growth.
    Provide employees with a clear path for career growth and create a framework for personal development. Encourage employees to create and develop new competencies outside their role.

We’re honored to be recognized by Ad Age for the hard work we’ve put into growing and maintaining our culture and the impact it will continue to have in our future.

Interested in a career at Adlucent? Check out our jobs page.

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