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Posted by Michael Griffin on April 27, 2011

We’re often asked what our secret sauce is. This blog will shed some light on that question.

Of course, there are many factors in making retail paid search successful. Much of it is that we have an incredibly talented team of individuals who are experts in both paid search and retail. Nothing can replace their skill and intuition. Part of it, also, is that we’ve built a paid search software platform from the ground up that is tailored to the unique needs of retailers. This platform, called Deep Search™, empowers our account team to build and do amazing things.

But behind the people and the software is a set of best practices, lessons learned, and hard-earned wisdom accumulated from years of working with leading retailers on their paid search campaigns. The primary purpose of this blog is to lift the curtain on some of those insights so that other retailers and paid search professionals can benefit from them.

Our secondary goal with this blog is to keep our community of clients, partners and other interested parties apprised of what’s happening at Adlucent. You’ll see occasional announcements about our clients’ successes, our growth, our culture, our participation in industry events, new service offerings, positions we’re hiring for, and more.

Now, to be fully transparent, are we going to show off a little bit? Sure. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, both for our clients and in the company we’ve built. We really do think we have some valuable insights and will cover some topics in this blog that no one else is addressing. We really do want to share this with the world. We do want to be perceived as—yes, we’re going to use that phrase—“thought leaders.” And if you’re a leading retailer, yes, we want you as a client, and we hope this blog instills confidence that we’re the right paid search partner for you.

One final note: we’d like to open this blog to you. By all means, please comment on blog posts (though please first review our Commenting Guidelines). And, if you’ve got a relevant post to share, we’ll certainly consider giving you a platform to voice it here. Whether you work with Adlucent or not, we’d like to hear from retailers, other technology vendors, PPC and online marketing professionals, industry analysts and even other vendors.

Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope you find this blog useful.

— Michael Griffin, Founder and CTO, Adlucent

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