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Advanced Audience Strategy Scales Facebook & Instagram Performance

Combining Multiple Audiences Improves Campaign Efficiency.


Our client came to Adlucent with aggressive goals to grow their business. After efficiently running digital marketing for a number of months, we used audience insights to improve return even more and help scale the business.

The Challenge

The mattress brand wanted to scale their Facebook & Instagram advertising program to reach and acquire more audiences while still achieving an efficient return on ad spend (ROAS). With too many disjointed campaigns running in conjunction, they were unsure how to consolidate their efforts to get the most out of their social media advertising dollars.

How Adlucent Helped

Our team tested a new audience structure across Facebook & Instagram ad targeting and found that multiple audiences that performed well in separate ad sets performed even better when combined, including repeat purchasers, recent purchasers, and high AOV shoppers. This strategy leveraged Facebook's audience algorithm effectively to find more relevant, high-value shoppers, and improve campaign efficiency.

We determined that these combined audiences gave Facebook a better picture of who each person was whom we are targeting with our campaigns. For example, meringue all past customers with repeat purchasers and high-value customers has resulted in a 4.0 lifetime ROAS for prospecting. Those audiences had individually averaged at a 3.6 ROAS, and now CPMs dropped, too, boosting performance across the board.

The Result

Creating new audiences drove more customer retention and higher value orders from consumers. The brand benefitted from an 11% improvement in prospecting campaigns return on ad spend and saw a 36% improvement in CPM in 2 months.


 "Adlucent has been an excellent partner on paid social. They've been able to dramatically scale our account while maintaining some of the highest ROAS goals in the industry." – Aaron Zagha, CMO at Newton Baby