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LIA Management Strategy Captures Surge in Demand Despite COVID-19

Adapting to Market Conditions Improves ROI


A leading retailer of musical instruments, with nearly 300 stores across the U.S., needed help capturing demand when the pandemic affected foot traffic and sales. In order to attract business, they had to adapt their shopping experience to accommodate customers given current conditions at physical locations and the rise in online shopping.

The Challenge

Interest in hobbies, such as musical instruments, surged during COVID across the U.S. A music retailer had to capture increased demand in its products and looked to capitalize on its strong local footprint in various cities across the country.

How Adlucent Helped

Amid significant budget cutbacks during the initial period of uncertainty, the retailer invested in LIAs to capture strong consumer demand, targeting customers who preferred the convenience of local pickup. Bids and budget allocations were guided by local market conditions, such as shelter-in-place orders. New features like curbside pickup were eagerly adopted to distinguish the client’s customer-friendly capabilities.

The Result

As with other omnichannel retailers, the client has been negatively impacted by store closures, which contribute the bulk of their revenue. However, by maximizing the opportunities to capture local demand, they have been able to generate a large  number of sales that could otherwise have gone elsewhere. YoY results have been tremendous: 7x revenue growth and 10x ROI improvement. In an environment where every dollar is precious, this has been a bright spot for their business.