Blog Commenting Guidelines

Adlucent welcomes your comments on our blog posts. We moderate (approve, delete, or edit) every comment to eliminate spam and overt vendor pitches, as well as to ensure that all comments remain on-topic and courteous. We will generally approve comments that are:

Relevant. Please keep your comments and any links you provide related to the topic of the blog post.

Respectful. We encourage spirited debate and constructive criticism on our posts and the discussion generated by others. We only ask that you focus your comments on the issues being discussed, not on the individuals discussing them. Just be polite and professional.

Honest. Please use your real name—not your company name, and not an anonymous identity. This blog is not a forum to promote yourself or your business (though in some cases stating your credentials may be appropriate). If you’re an Adlucent competitor, client, partner, or current or former employee, feel free to comment, too—just be open about your identity and your connection to Adlucent.

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