A New Google Merchant Center

By — 09.01.16

Google Merchant Center Logo

A faster, responsive, and modern UI redesign

Google recently introduced an updated version of the Merchant Center which features an updated user interface (UI) design similar to Google’s other products like the recently redesigned AdWords UI. The more modern design streamlines navigation allowing you to easily access commonly used features and programs. In addition, the data within your product feed uploads will update more often than twice a day, now “in near-real time,” enabling you to optimize feeds using the most recent data available.

Google Merchant Center

Improving speed and functionality of existing features

Here is a short summary of some of the most exciting feature updates:

  • Feed Rules – You can now create new values, or update specific existing ones, without affecting other existing values, or combining different existing values from other attributes in your feed.
  • Diagnostics page – Product feeds will now be updated in near real time.
  • Currency Conversions – Allows retailers to begin advertising in other countries without making changes to existing websites and landing pages by showing products in the local currency.

Google Merchant Center

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