The Local Inventory Ad Guide

By — 06.30.15

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As we previewed in our last post, Local Inventory Ad Formats for Multichannel Retailers, Adlucent has just completed an extensive research piece on LIAs which is now available for download here. The Local Inventory Ad Guide is an excellent resource for retailers who are hoping to learn more about Local Inventory Ads (LIAs), whether you are looking for an introduction, tips on overcoming common obstacles, or optimization strategies.

We know that the majority of consumers are shopping online but buying in stores. Thanks to Google’s Local Inventory Ads (LIAs), we can now track, encourage and monetize this behavior like never before.

Download LIA White PaperLIAs are complex, so we created a comprehensive guide to provide retailers with:

  • The latest research on consumers’ local shopping trends
  • Making LIAs an omnichannel goal
  • How to measure LIA performance
  • Implementation, bidding and optimization tips
  • Projected growth for the channel


A Look Inside

Consumers are demanding location-based information and LIAs are sourcing more revenue for retailers.

A Look Inside

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