What Search Queries Can Tell You About Your Customer

By — 07.02.13

In my past three posts, I covered various elements of what makes an ad relevant to a consumer – the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Now let’s take a look at the fourth component, the right person. In the ad below, you’ll see five ads for soccer cleats. Which ad do you think will be the most successful? Which ad doesn’t belong?

Soccer cleats2

There is a lot of valuable data hidden within each search term – information such as level of expertise, price point, and sense of urgency. Let’s take a look at the example above. If someone types the term “soccer cleats” into the search toolbar, odds are, they are new to the sport. Someone who is more familiar with the sport is likely to search for specific brands or shoe model types. The Nike Mercurial Vapor cleats may be great cleats, but a beginner is likely to select a more basic pair, working their way up over time.

Retailers should analyze general versus specific queries and then create groups aligned to customer intent to provide the greatest opportunity for conversion.

Have you seen other examples of ads that haven’t aligned to your intent? What would you do to correct them?  

Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey is the Product Manager for Adlucent’s Product Ads. Learn more about the solution here.

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