Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats from the Adlucent Client Summit

By — 03.05.13

On February 21-22, Adlucent hosted its second annual client summit. The event featured industry speakers Fiona Swerdlow, Head of Research at and Dr. Charles Stryker, founder of the Venture Development Center, as well as other experts in the areas of Google Shopping, remarketing, customer acquisition and testing strategies, mobile, and more. While there were so many data points shared throughout the two day event, we decided to pull together ten that we believe have the most impact on digital marketing.

BDovYtACYAAOcQMTop 10 Digital Marketing Stats from the Adlucent Client Summit:

  1. Free shipping is the #1 reason shoppers spend more online (
  2. CTR’s for PLA’s are 77% higher than text ads (Adlucent)
  3. Top 3 retailer initiatives in 2013: 1.) Site conversion, 2.) Mobile and tablet, 3.) Site redesign (
  4. Retailers are spending on average 30% of their search budgets on PLA’s (Adlucent)
  5. Site abandonment decreases 60% when site and ads match (Google)
  6. In 1993 we could buy 1 billion GB; in 2003, 5 billion GB. Today we capture and store 5 billion GB per day (VDC)
  7. 65% of consumers start their shopping process on a smartphone (Google)
  8. Google saw a 9% increase in CTR when they introduced social extensions
  9. Tablet usage has grown 300% in last year, IT plans to dedicate 4X more of their budget towards it in 2013 (
  10. There will be $12B in direct smartphone commerce this year (

How will these stats influence your marketing strategy in the next year? Will you be reallocating your budget to invest more in any particular area?

Andrea Stout

Andrea is the Director of Marketing at Adlucent. She loves developing content, crunching numbers, and learning the latest trends in ecommerce. Connect with her on Twitter.

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