Webinar: Ways To Use Paid Search Data For Better Retailing

By — 06.20.12

Despite the recent economic downturn and slow economic recovery, online advertising spend continues to rise as retailers strive to achieve aggressive customer acquisition goals. In just four years, online ad spending will grow by 93% to $62 billion, just $10 billion shy of TV ad spending (eMarketer). Retail advertisers are leading the online charge, representing more than one of every five digital ad spend dollars (IAB).

Paid search continues to play a critical role in digital spend and revenue. So how are retailers leveraging these tools to drive sales?

OTC’s Garrick Baxter will share key retail insights in this educational webinar.

In our June 26th webinar, Garrick Baxter, Ecommerce Marketing Manager for Oriental Trading Company discussed:

  • What makes retail paid search so unique from another industry
  • Where to find valuable customer data to improve your product offering
  • Ways to use paid search data outside of the marketing organization to improve merchandising
  • How to use paid search to successfully launch a new product
  • Key campaign performance metrics
  • Critical factors in selecting a paid search partner

Click here to view the webinar.

If you’re a retailer hoping to take your paid search strategy to the next level, you won’t want to miss out on the insights that will be shared by Garrick and our team of experts. View the webinar now.

Image courtesy of OTC.

Andrea Stout

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