Google’s Mobile Strategy: A Revolutionary Shift in Retailing

By — 09.15.11

Approximately one trillion dollars of offline retail sales are influenced by online marketing. (Yes, that’s trillion, with a T.) But marketers don’t currently have a reliable way to connect the dots between what customers do online and what they do offline.

The company with the most to gain from connecting these two points is Google. Smartphones and related mobile technologies and services will bridge the gap between the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail worlds. Search will be a critical pillar of the strategy and the potential financial upside for Google is enormous. That’s why they have been investing heavily in companies, technologies, products and services at the intersection of mobile and commerce. Whether you’re an online retailer or not, these moves will affect you.

In my article on Business Insider, “Companies Are Gearing Up To Track Every Retail Transaction Through Your Smartphone,” I make a case for a path that I believe Google will follow—a path that will have profound business implications for all retailers. You need to be prepared for what I see as nothing short of a revolutionary shift in online marketing.

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